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Group Living Your Vision® Programs


  • Individuals, entrepreneurs, or professionals who are ready to breakthrough to the next level of personal and professional productivity and fulfillment
  • Intact work groups or teams, especially for deepening trust and connections and enhancing synergy
  • Families
  • Corporate officers
  • Management or project teams
  • Volunteer groups

What: Participants experience personal and professional breakthroughs, reporting:

  • Increased courage and confidence, accountability, performance, and ability to influence others
  • Improved communication skills, creative thinking, and problem solving abilities
  • Teams increase their performance capacity. They become more productive, aligned on vision, mission, values and strategies
  • Families become more connected, collaborative and accepting

How:  Participants work in small groups with an LYV coach in 20-30 hours of intensive workshop, establishing clarity and focus; building a foundation for their MasterPlan; coaching twelve follow on teleconference sessions in small group sessions, weekly or bi-weekly, 60 minutes each, supporting individuals or teams in staying on track, clearing obstacles, developing new habits and celebrating success.

Apply now or click here to contact me with your questions.

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