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Living Your Vision® Programs***

Living Your Vision® Programs
LYV Programs are custom designed and co-created with the client. Tuition is negotiated. Variables include: number of participants, location, travel, duration, accommodations, amenities, and any customized inclusions. 
Living Your Vision® puts you firmly on track to increased clarity, focus, balance, and extraordinary results.  The LYV Program includes:

  • A comprehensive self-inventory.   A powerful experience of introspection and self-discovery.
  • Workshop  Approximately 30 hours - Your time to deepen the connection with your Self, access your personal power and unleash your potential.  An inside-out transformational process:  Discover your core vision, purpose, and values, and Build a new foundation for greater personal and professional fulfillment.
  • A personalized LYV MasterPlan   Your roadmap for living in greater clarity and alignment, and your step-by-step personal guide to actualizing the choices you make for yourself.
  • Twelve weeks of follow-up support coaching   Your support for implementing your plan, integrating your changes, staying on track and in action, clearing obstacles, and celebrating
    your accomplishments!
  • Your personal professionally trained LYV Coach   A resourceful partner and champion for your success!

Fran Fisher, author of Violet’s Vision, is the founder of the LYV process.  To read about Fran's inspiring story and learn more about Living Your Vision  CLICK HERE

*** Living Your Vision ® is a registered trademark of I & AM, LLC dba inviteCHANGE.

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